Neuroscience News


Octopuses and Meditation: Neuroscience Highlights

This month’s advances in neuroscience span obesity to octopuses and targeted ultrasound to focused meditation.


We’re All Mosaics

Subtle differences between cells’ DNA could play a part in brain development as well as disorders.


Early Life Exposure to Nicotine Alters Neurons, Predisposes Brain to Addiction Later in Life

In mouse study, neonatal exposure changed biochemistry of reward circuitry.


Brain Changes in Autism Traced to Specific Cell Types

Study of human brains links gene activity to disorder's severity, flagging targets for future therapies


Though Few in Number, Young Neurons Have Big Impact

Neurons created during adulthood have an outsized impact on mood and memory.


Brain Changes Linked With Alzheimer’s Years Before Symptoms Appear

Scientists make progress on predicting Alzheimer’s disease decades before symptoms appear.


Scientists Locate Brain Area Where Value Decisions Are Made

Data from mouse neurons point to unexpected brain region, carrying implications for health and disease


Synthetic Speech Generated from Brain Recordings

New technology is a stepping stone to a neural speech prosthesis, researchers say​


A Neuroscientist and an Economist Explore How Our Brains Seek Out Information

New research reveals the diversity of motives that guide human curiosity​


Kavli Institute Researchers Discover New Type of Brain Cell

Researchers at NTNU’s Kavli Institute have found specialized brain cells that help us navigate in space.​