Neuroscience News


Newly Discovered Brain Network Offers Clues to Social Cognition

Study investigated the origins of our ability to understand what other people are thinking. 


Opioid Receptors: A New Target for Antidepressants?

The antidepressant tianeptine works via the mu opioid receptor, like morphine, and also relieves pain.


The Kavli Microbiome Ideas Challenge Funds Innovative, Cross-Cutting Research

Three interdisciplinary teams of researchers will develop novel tools and methods in the field of microbiome research.


New Microscopy Method Breaks Color Barrier of Optical Imaging

The advancement has the potential to guide the development of therapies to treat and cure disease.


Sugar-Craving Crushed — In Flies, At Least

Yale scientists have discovered ways to blunt the craving for sugar.


Bugs For Thought: Gut Bacteria Tell the Brain What Animals Should Eat

Could gut bacteria influence our food choices? A study shows, for the first time, that this idea may not be as far-fetched as it seems.


Schizophrenia Signs in Mice Linked to Uncoordinated Firing of Brain Cells, Says Study

Researchers have discovered that a small group of neurons fired haphazardly in mice with signs of schizophrenia.


Study Identifies “Night Owl” Gene Variant

Researchers have discovered that a variant of the gene CRY1 slows the internal biological clock that normally dictates our sleep-wake cycle.


UO Mouse Study Explores Brain Region Hit Early in Alzheimer's

Study sheds new insight on a brain network where memories of events are processed and stored.


New Method Predicts Who Will Respond to Lithium Therapy

Scientists at Salk develop tool to gauge success of preferred treatment for bipolar disorder.