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Transformative scientific advances fuel societal progress; they also come with great responsibility.

Major scientific breakthroughs deepen our understanding of the universe, nature, and ourselves. Such discoveries have the potential to transform our everyday lives, yet the same science that holds promise for progress often raises concerns and questions for society. Who bears responsibility for broad ethical considerations for scientific discoveries? When is it optimal to evaluate implications and risks? How can publics be empowered to take part in the dialogue?

Motivated by our mission to advance science for the benefit of humanity, we work with partners to engage the public in the ethical and societal implications that accompany breakthrough discoveries.

Through the Kavli Centers for Ethics, Science, and the Public, we address an as-yet unmet need within all of science: a proactive and sustained effort to connect scientists, ethicists, social scientists, science communicators, and the public to discuss potential impacts of scientific discoveries.

Kavli Centers for Ethics, Science, and the Public

UC Berkeley

Reimagining how scientists are trained, beginning in the fields of neuroscience, genetics, and artificial intelligence.

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The future will be more spectacular than any of us can imagine.

Fred Kavli


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