David Steuerman

Science Program Officer

David Steuerman, Ph.D. is the science program officer focused on nanoscience at The Kavli Foundation. He has led scientists and engineers in the laboratory as a professor, in industry as an executive in research and development, and within national scientific initiatives as a facilitator and strategic partner. He has been fortunate enough to see field-shaping research first-hand and is fascinated by finding ways to support more scientists make their most impactful discoveries around the globe. He currently supports the Kavli Institutes portfolio, leads efforts in quantum information and data science, and frequently partners with government agencies and philanthropies domestically and abroad.

Previously, David worked as an assistant professor at the University of Victoria, Department of Chemistry where he built a research group focused on the integration of molecular and nanoscale materials in a variety of device architectures and the development of novel in situ probes for assessing their performance. After leaving academia, he was the lead scientist at a data-focused wearable company that targeted clinical-quality measurements in a consumer device. It was an exciting adventure collaborating with software engineers, data scientists, product designers, doctors, and epidemiologists. Following his time at a tech start-up, David supported data-centric systems engineering and programmatic acquisition efforts for the Federal Aviation Administration as a member of a think-tank in Washington, D.C. He continues to enjoy building programs from scratch and managing complex relationships with universities, government, and industry.

David completed his Ph.D. in physical chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2004. He is thankful for the terrific mentorship he received from Professors James Heath and Sir Fraser Stoddart. Following his doctoral work in molecular electronics, David received the California Nanosystems Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship to explore spin physics in condensed matter systems under the superb guidance of Professor David Awschalom. He no longer sculpts silicon or aligns lasers, but instead finds peace of mind in woodworking. However, when things break, he still goes surfing or snorkeling.

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