Erica Sasman

Grants and Contracts Manager

Erica Sasman is the grants and contracts manager at The Kavli Foundation. In this role, Erica oversees the organization’s program partnership agreements, advising on terms, compliance, and funding mechanisms in order to best support the mission of the foundation and its important relationships.

Erica has worked in several non-profit organizations since 2003 in multiple roles to support program success. She is experienced in federally funded programs for international development in education, civil society, and environment. She has worked overseas in several countries. Erica’s former positions include deputy chief of party for Winrock International, grants manager for The Asia Foundation in Afghanistan, and fiscal administrator for the Tides Foundation.

Erica has a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, Masters from University Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium studying the European Union, and Bachelors of Science from New York University. Erica is an artist and writer in her free time.


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