Nadine Stern

Outgoing Director, The Kavli Prize (Retiring 2023)

Nadine Stern is the Kavli Prize director at The Kavli Foundation. Nadine has worked at The Kavli Foundation since 2002 in various positions. In her current position she is responsible for the strategy and implementation of the Kavli Prize program, and she works in conjunction with the two Kavli Prize partners – the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. The Prizes are awarded biennially in Oslo, Norway, in early September, with a member of the Norwegian Royal family presiding over the Ceremony. Nadine is responsible for organizing and coordinating the Kavli Prize week in Norway, the announcement of the winners in New York City in conjunction with the World Science Festival, the international Kavli Prize programs, and the Washington, D.C., events for Kavli Prize laureates.

In addition, Nadine also served as contracts and grants administrator until April 2016. In that capacity, she worked with development and financial officers at all of the institutions to draft and implement the grants, track payments for agreements, and report annually to the board of directors on the endowments of the Kavli Institutes. In addition, Nadine served as the board liaison until Dec. 2017 to handle all of the logistics related to board meetings, and as executive assistant to the President until April 2014.

Prior to working at The Kavli Foundation, Nadine served for nine years (1993-2002) as board liaison and executive assistant to the president at The Fielding Graduate University, which offers postgraduate and doctoral studies mainly in psychology, education, and organizational studies.

Nadine graduated with highest honors, Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Masters of Art Candidate in Art History, University of California, Santa Barbara. She enjoys all year the outdoor benefits that nature provides by living in a small, coastal town in southern California.


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