Stacey Bailey

Director, Communications

Stacey Bailey is the communications director at The Kavli Foundation. She is an experienced communications strategist who has worked as a partner and advisor to senior executives and employees at all levels to advance an organization’s mission and purpose. Stacey has held leadership positions at communications agencies and nonprofits and led award-winning programs and communications campaigns on behalf of organizations globally.

In her current role, Stacey sets the foundation’s communications strategy and oversees the organization’s brand. Working with the foundation’s president and CEO, and leadership team, she also helps to lead employee engagement efforts and organizational development.

Previously, Stacey worked as a communications officer at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation where she managed leadership and employee communications and served as the communications strategist for its Science and Patient Care Programs. Prior to the Moore Foundation, Stacey worked at mid-sized global health communications agency, including living and working abroad in London and Tokyo. She is an experienced spokesperson, presenter and moderator, and has received several communications awards and honors for her work in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors in categories such as healthcare professional education, bylined articles, creative materials, events and promotional activities, and a Guinness World Record.

Stacey is currently a member of the Page Up operating committee, a division of the Arthur W. Page Society (an organization for chief communications officers), and a board member of ANGEL AID Cares, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of mother’s and families in the rare disease community. Stacey is a native Californian and received her bachelor’s degree in history from the University of California, Los Angeles (Go BRUINS!). She loves being outside, enjoys hiking and stand up paddle boarding, and looks forward to the day that she might have a small winery to live out an Italian-style life with friends and family in Santa Barbara.

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