To advance research in neuroscience, we catalyze and enable efforts to address the opportunities and challenges of this dynamic field.

U.S. BRAIN Initiative

The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, launched by President Obama in 2013, aims to advance the science and technologies needed to unlock the mysteries of the human brain. This effort includes private and public organizations that partner to accelerate the development and application of new tools to study how individual brain cells and complex neural circuits interact. The Kavli Foundation and its partners were instrumental in the development of this initiative.

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BRAIN Initiative Alliance

The BRAIN Initiative Alliance is a coalition of public and private organizations that coordinate communications, engage the public and the scientific community about scientific successes emerging from the U.S. BRAIN Initiative, and help identify opportunities to strengthen the initiative. The Kavli Foundation is a founding member.

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International Brain Initiative

The International Brain Initiative (IBI) connects large-scale, national or regionally-sponsored brain research initiatives around the world to promote collaboration and cooperation in neuroscience. The Kavli Foundation, along with partners, hosted a series of meetings that led to the inception of the IBI. Today, The Kavli Foundation participates in the IBI to cultivate partnerships among brain initiatives, other funders, and stakeholders.

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Neurodata Without Borders

Neurodata Without Borders is a language for neurophysiology data and experiments that is at the heart of a data science ecosystem. It serves the global neuroscience community by providing scientists with a common standard to share, archive and use data, accelerating the pace of discovery of brain research worldwide. The Kavli Foundation initiated Neurodata Without Borders in 2014 and continues to provide support for this consortium of researchers and foundations who have a shared interest in open data and breaking down the obstacles to data sharing.

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