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The scientific enterprise thrives on the free exchange of ideas and perspectives. We connect and convene people from different disciplines to unlock the potential of science and empower action. For virtual meetings, we employ the latest technologies to connect people across the globe. For in-person events, The Kavli Foundation maintains two meeting spaces to serve our communities and partners.

At our headquarters in Los Angeles, The Kavli Foundation has the capacity to hold meetings for up to 80 in-person attendees, and also hosts the technology to integrate remote attendance. With a flexible meeting space and rooftop garden, it provides ample opportunities to host discussions about science and society.

The Fred Kavli Science Center (formerly Kavli Moen Gård) is the family farm and birthplace of Fred Kavli. Inspired by his values and cultural heritage, the Fred Kavli Science Center’s vision is to nurture curiosity and a passion for science in the local, national and international communities, along with fostering awareness of all that Fred Kavli and others from this region of Norway have contributed to society.

The Fred Kavli Science Center is located in Eresfjord, a village on the west coast of Norway.

Convening Principles and Practices

A core approach to fulfilling our mission is to bring people together to exchange ideas and discuss opportunities to advance science for the benefit of humanity. We ask participants adhere to our principles and practices.

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