Our team of scientists and specialists help make our mission a reality.

President's Office

Cynthia Friend


Angela Anderson

Manager, Board Relations and Executive Assistant to the President

Lizzie Boeck

Administrative Assistant

Ann Deno

Director, Human Resources

Michael Turner

Senior Strategic Advisor


Christopher Martin

Director, Physical Sciences

Amy Bernard

Director, Life Sciences

Stephanie Albin

Science Program Officer

Aggie McMahon

Program Specialist and International Brain Initiative Program Director

Angie Michaiel

Science Program Fellow

Kelsey Laurent

Science Programs Coordinator

Science and Society

Brooke Smith

Director, Public Engagement with Science

Lauren Budenholzer

Public Engagement with Science Specialist

Melina Fuentes

Administrative Specialist, Public Engagement with Science

Communications and Prizes

Stacey Bailey

Director, Communications and Prizes

Nadine Stern

Director, The Kavli Prize

Elaine Bui

Manager, Meetings and Events

Petra Hand

Program Specialist and Manager, Fred Kavli Science Center

Katie McKissick

Manager, ​Digital Engagement

Finance and Administration

Alice Galstian

Vice President of Finance and Administration, and CFO

Pauline Poompan


Shelly Bushey

Accounting Manager

Michael Anglim

Facilities Manager

Jacob White

Staff Accountant

Erica Sasman

Grants and Contracts Manager

Caroline Lee

Senior Accountant

Jim Parker

IT Manager

Past Presidents

  • David Auston, first president, 2002 to 2009
  • Robert W. Conn, second president, 2009 to 2021


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