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At our institutes around the world, scientists explore the frontiers of science in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, neuroscience and theoretical physics.

Astrophysics Institutes

With remarkable new technologies, scientists are tracing the faintest of trails into the farthest reaches of space, allowing deeper exploration into the history of the universe and the panoply of objects within it, from exoplanets to supermassive black holes.

Nanoscience Institutes

Scientists are uncovering the secrets of energy and matter at the scale of atoms, molecules and nanostructures. They are discovering how to precisely control these and their quantum properties to create new types of materials, energy pathways, miniature machines and perhaps even synthetic life.

Neuroscience Institutes

Using the latest tools, techniques and approaches, scientists are generating new knowledge about the brain at many levels, from single cells and circuits, to the whole brain. Their efforts are shedding light on how brains develop and change over time, and simultaneously unraveling the processes that underlie memory, behavior and even consciousness.

Theoretical Physics Institutes

Knowing no boundaries in the sciences, theoretical physicists seek to explain and predict the wonders of the physical and biological world. Theoretical physics brings together diverse scientists to understand both fundamental forces and particles, as well as an understanding of more complex systems from phases of matter to the human brain.

Previous Institute: Kavli Institute for Bionano Science and Technology at Harvard University (transitioned to endowed professorships)

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It is my vision that these institutes will form an outstanding research core, to draw information from each other and promote interchange between disciplines by scientists around the world.

Fred Kavli


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