Early-Career Researchers on Shaping the Future of Science Policy

A Journal of Science Policy & Governance special edition

As part of its special recognition of the 75th anniversary of Vannevar Bush's report to support dialogue and spark ideas about the future of science policy, The Kavli Foundation supported the Journal of Science Policy & Governance and the American Association for the Advancement of Science to create a policy position paper competition. The purpose was to energize and encourage students, young scholars, and the next generation of science policy leaders to generate innovative and actionable science policy proposals for how the United States should build on the vision laid out in the Vannevar Bush signature report, Science: The Endless Frontier.

The competition builds off an event supported by The Kavli Foundation and the Sloan Foundation, led by the National Academies of Science, to celebrate the 75-year anniversary of Science: The Endless Frontier. The competition was also timely as 2021 and beyond presented opportunities to rebuild science, and the United States, emerging from the pandemic and a new political chapter. 

“We are at a critical juncture in history. This energetic and diverse next generation is already engaged in science and technology policymaking. Their leadership is urgently needed to ensure science is integrated into policymaking for the benefit of all,” stated Sudip Parikh, Chief Executive Officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Executive Publisher of the Science family of journals, about the importance and value of the policy paper competition.

To maximize impact of the partnership, the Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy Coalition and the National Science Policy Network were also engaged as outreach and advertising partners for the JSPG-AAAS policy proposal competition. The culminating publication, Shaping the Future of Science Policy, was released in August 2021.

Several position papers were published, with the three winning entries going to:

“It has been a thrill to launch this one-of-a-kind competition with AAAS and The Kavli Foundation as a means to substantively engage entrant voices around how American science should be structured for the next 75 years and beyond,” said Shalin Jyotishi, Chief Executive Officer of the Journal of Science Policy & Governance.

Brooke, Smith, director of The Kavli Foundation’s Science and Society program, shared that “the perspectives from the future generation are thought provoking and inspiring.” The special issue of the Journal of Science Policy & Governance took a much needed and fresh approach to a large and complex topic, and inviting younger voices was key. “It is great to see so many thoughtful approaches to what needs to evolve or change, and why, and hearing from the generations who will be doing and leading science for the next 75 years,” she added.

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