Knight Fellowships: 'The Universe' Training Workshop for Journalists at MIT

(Originally published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

April 12, 2010

Though science news is often dictated by the latest diet craze or a recent catastrophe, sometimes the best-read and most-emailed science stories are about plain fascinating events in nature.

To help journalists better understand the nature of astrophysics, Knight Science Journalism Fellowships at MIT will host a three-day intensive workshop to be taught by top scientists from MIT, Harvard and other institutions. The workshop will cover everything from the new discoveries about dark matter and energy to the most promising planets on which life may be found.

"The Universe" is one of a series of summer workshops in The Kavli Journalism Workshop series offered by MIT's Knight Science Journalism Fellowships program. The Kavli series rotates between three themes: astrophysics, brain science and nanotechnology. To be considered for "The Universe" workshop, full-time journalists must submit applications by April 20.

In order to bring journalists to Cambridge, Mass. for the workshop, the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships will cover up to $750 in travel expenses as well as hotel and most meals. 15 journalists will be selected to participate.

To learn more, visit the program's website.

Knight Science Journalism Fellowships at MIT offers experienced journalists the opportunity to increase their understanding of science, technology, medicine or the environment through 9-month Fellowships and week-long training workshops.



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