The New Wave of Global Collaboration

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While international scientific collaboration is already occurring on a small scale, there are significant hurdles to jump before major projects can be tackled globally. Identifying and addressing those hurdles was at the heart of a special panel discussion held at the 2010 Transatlantic Science Week in Washington, D.C.

Titled “New Wave of Global Collaboration,” joining the panel were:

  • Steven Koonin, Under Secretary for Science in the US Department of Energy;
  • France A. Córdova, President of Purdue University;
  • Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, Executive Director of the Division for Strategic Priorities at the Research Council of Norway;
  • Jarle Aarbakke, Rector of the University of Tromsøthe;
  • Miyoung Chun, Vice President of Science Programs, The Kavli Foundation (Moderator).

The panelists discussed the emerging pattern of global collaboration among scientists, educators and science policy makers. Said Koonin, “There are a number of circumstances that are making international collaboration in science more important and urgent as the years go by. Beyond the usual national and international nature of research, consider the following: first of all, the frontiers of science are expanding. As we know more, we realize there is more to find out. So no country can cover it all by itself. Second, the cost of progress in many fields is going up so that no country can pay for it all by itself. …. In addition, consider that the science capabilities of many developing countries are on the rise, so there is more human talent enlisted than we ever had before. And then finally, …a number of the problems to be solved are truly global. My list would have health, epidol, energy, environment, and food. All of these have global impacts and require global solutions.”

"The New Wave of Global Collaboration" was presented on October 20, 2010.

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