Norwegian Research School of Neuroscience (NRSN) Established at NTNU

KI/CBM Professor Menno Witter

(Originally published by NTNU)

December 13, 2012

The Research Council of Norway has decided to fund ten new national research schools. Together they will receive a funding of 218 MNOK. One of these research schools, The Norwegian Research School of Neuroscience, will be coordinated from The Norwegian Brain Center/Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU, by professor Menno Witter.

KI/CBM Professor Menno Witter
KI/CBM Professor Menno Witter

The Norwegian Research School of Neuroscience will provide an important training opportunity for the next generation of Norwegian-trained neuroscientist by combining the specific expertise of the participating institutions, he says. - I expect that it will also pave the way for more extensive collaborative neuroscience in Norway.

The main objective of the research school is to coordinate and complement existing educational activities with the partner and affiliated institutes, thereby providing additional training to PhD students covering genetic, molecular, and cellular neuroscience, systems neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology, neurophilosophy, developmental neuroscience, computational neuroscience, and neuroinformatics.

NRSN will facilitate the implementation of new courses in neuroscience, turning locally present expertise into nationwide training opportunities. The aim of NRSN is to organize and secure a broad, diverse, and nationally coordinated neuroscience training program for PhD students in Norway.

The research school will be based on existing PhD programs at the partners. It will also exploit the recently established national infrastructure NORBRAIN. All courses will be available to all PhD students in neuroscience in Norway.

Partners in the NRSN are: The Norwegian Brain Center/Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU, University of Oslo,University of Bergen and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences Ås. The NRSN also has an extensive international network.



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