Science and SocietyField Building in Public Engagement with Science

Strengthening the field of public engagement with science.

Engaging the public in science is a diverse and growing field of scholarship and practice. Our aim has been to nurture this developing field, ensure its effectiveness and sustainability, and provide scientists with the support they need to communicate effectively.

Civic Science Fellows

Individuals in science, media, education, social science, civic engagement, and other fields spend one to two years experimenting with new evidence-based approaches in science communication and community engagement to co-create strong, diverse and inclusive connections between science and civic life within and among a variety of science-focused organizations.

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LISTEN Network

Leaders in Science and Technology Engagement Networks (LISTEN) connects and supports perspectives from across the science-engagement ecosystem, including informal science education, public engagement, journalism and science writing, live events, community science and science-communication training. Participants work together to improve practices that facilitate broad participation in science and mechanisms to generate an ongoing forum for learning and collective action.

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Society Civic Science Initiative

A group of scientific societies working to advance a culture of civic science, in which societal needs and diverse perspectives help shape science, and scientific discoveries inform people, decisions, and policies. A core aspect of the initiative’s focus is strengthening and expanding collective capacity to support scientists to effectively engage with decisionmakers and members of the public.

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SciComm Trainers Network

This professional organization builds connections between science communication trainers for the ultimate purpose of creating a more science-engaged world.

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The Link

The Link is a science communication engagement platform hosted by The Alda Center at Stonybrook University, which develops and shares research-based best practices with the broader SciComm community.

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