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The origins of The Kavli Foundation logomark are found in sacred geometry, a belief that the fundamental properties of the universe can be quantified into simple shapes and patterns.

The mark is comprised of two symbols: an ‘overlapping circles grid’ known
as the Flower of Life and a hexagonal configuration known as Metatron’s Cube, symbolizing focus, energy, discovery and an underlying pattern of the universe.


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The Kavli Foundation is dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of humanity. The foundation’s mission is implemented through Kavli research institutes globally and programs that support basic science in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, neuroscience and theoretical physics; initiatives that strengthen the relationship between science and society; and prizes and awards including the international Kavli Prizes and the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism awards. Learn more at and follow @kavlifoundation.


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The Kavli Foundation
The Kavli Foundation

Advancing science for the benefit of humanity.

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